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"the girl & the fig" ~ 1998 to current
My first exhibit was in June of 1998 in the original “ the girl & the fig” location in Glen Ellen, CA.
When Sondra Bernstein and John Toulze secured the lease in the Sonoma Hotel  in Sonoma, they asked if I would show year round, and of course I said yes! Thus began the 20 plus years of a delightful ongoing collaboration with food, wine, art and fun.  I have been honored to have my art on the walls in both Sonoma and Glen Ellen. Beginning in early 2023 you can still find my work in Glen Ellen at the fig cafe.

Product Branding
In 2002-2019 my art “Figs and Phalanges” became their image on all figFOOD products. Patti Britton of Britton Design in Sonoma creates the finished label with type. Prints and note cards of “Figs and Phalanges”
available to order.

Resident Artist
I am the resident artist in  “the fig cafe & wine bar
Framed Originals and Giclee/Archival prints are on display in the restaurant and are available for purchase off the wall.

Wine Label
Wine Labels for their  “Tres Bonnes Annees” California Syrah are released each year featuring my art work.  This began with their 10 year anniversary in August 2007, and continues each year. They have since celebrated their 25th year anniversary.

Which came First?
I am often asked which came 1st, the name of the restaurant or my art work.

The theme of the girl & the fig, which originated from Sondra’s clever business name, has provided a muse and wonderful inspiration for my art over the years.

"The Girl" in the work I do remains unnamed.  I refer to her as the "Juicy, Earthy, Woman", as she is many parts of my vision of women.

She is every woman and also parts of myself. Sometimes she looks Mayan and other times more Polynesian, which is reflective of my travels.

She has gone through many transformations over the years. In some she is playful, sensual and voluptuous, but always with her power.  She is the goddess energy, the mother energy and healer. She holds many parts of my vision of women. As women we play many roles and so does this earthy woman in my work.

My work is a very intuitive process.  Part of the joy in sharing it is learning how it resonates with the viewer and how their stories are just as valid as what originally inspired me.

For more about my work go to Artist Statement


"Illuminated Heart: Love songs of a Zen Romantic"

A book collaboration with Poet Joe Pulichino. An extraordinary hardcover gift book featuring 46 brilliant pastels and 17 poems woven together to tell a timeless love story from the first inklings of romance into hope of love everlasting. A perfect romantic gift for any occasions! Book design and production: Theresa Whitehill, Colored Horse Studios, Ukiah, CA. Released October 2007. 

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